Mental health is still a stigma image

Mental health is still a stigma

Persad is working every day to ease the burdens for our youth all thru their life and into their senior years.

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Mental health deserves special attention

November 2023

At Persad Center, we talk often about stigma not only as it pertains to mental health but also how it continues to affect our community.We believe that now more than ever this deserves special attention.

Studies show LGBTQ+ people are more likely to experience depression, anxiety, lowered self-esteem and even suicidal thoughts compared to the general population. These statistics are even higher for own our community; a community that is the subject of political attack for just being who we are. Our youth are especially at risk given issues such as unsupportive families, hostile school conditions, bullying from peers and a lack of adequate resources. On the same front, our older adults are twice as likely to live alone and be vulnerable to social isolation. We are working every day at Persad to ease these burdens for our youth all thru their life and into their senior years.

As we move forward to Persad’s next 50 years, my team is working aggressively to recruit and hire therapists so we can address the unprecedented need for services.Since last January we have added four therapists to our staff and will add 4-6 more by year end.

With your gift to Persad, you can help impact our community and support the need in a real and lasting way.

With appreciation and thanks,

Marty Healey

Chief Executive Officer