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Here For You: Helping LGBTQ+ people thrive

Support your LGBTQ+ friends and neighbors today!

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Adam* was a patient in an IOP (intensive outpatient program) at a local substance abuse treatment facility, where he was supposed to feel support and comfort as he worked towards recovery. But blatant and subtle homophobic and transphobic behavior by the group members and therapist made him feel marginalized and belittled. Adam left the facility and turned to Persad for help.

There is a need for an LGBT-competent IOP so that people like Adam have a supportive, culturally competent, and safe space to receive treatment. With your generous support and a grant from Staunton Farm Foundation, Persad has opened our own IOP for those who are struggling with addiction and mental health issues.

Give for Adam - and every LGBTQ+ person of every age out there. Give them spaces to be themselves in treatment, in community, together.

Your kindness and generosity change lives.

At Persad Center, we believe every LGBTQ+ person deserves to thrive.

  • Morgana* is a local queer teen experiencing depression: let's make sure Persad Center provides their school with suicide prevention training
  • Jakob* is a senior who struggles with intense isolation and loneliness: let's make sure Persad Center visits his home and provides coffee hour for a group of seniors
  • Patria* needs a place to spend time with other young LGBTQ+ folks: let's fund supplies for Persad's Youth Drop-In Center
  • Geeno* is a struggling genderqueer 15-year-old with no income: let's cover their insurance co-pay for counseling at Persad Center

*Client names have been changed for privacy.