Persad is here to help our LGBTQ+ community manage their mental health needs. image

Persad is here to help our LGBTQ+ community manage their mental health needs.

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People are struggling and we do not see a reduction in the need for our specialized services. Whether it’s the 14-year old who is questioning what they are comfortable wearing, the parent whose child has just told them they are non-binary, or the senior who is experiencing social isolation because of Covid-19, Persad continues to be here to help navigate people through these life experiences with the same warmth and compassion as we have done for the last 50 years. We have more therapists on staff than ever before and we are continuing to grow so that we can serve the needs of our community.We are actively recruiting licensed therapists with our goal to add 6-8 additional by the end of 2022.

Both March and April were record setting months for us in serving our mission.The addition of Telehealth as a therapy option has been a great fit for both our clients and our therapists as we can now offer our specialized services to those who are unable to get to us or where LGBTQ+ resources are non-existent.For our therapists, it gives them an option to work remotely and have a healthy work/life balance so they are able to be at their best for our clients.

While many clients still prefer that one-on-one contact, they are feeling a new sense of welcoming and warmth when they visit Persad.As we continue to expand, we have an eye on our need for additional space to accommodate our growing staff.

For nearly 50 years, Persad Center has been there for our community and YOU are a critical part of our mission to help us provide that support.Can we count on you to ensure that Persad continues to be a beacon of hope and health for our region and our community?