Persad is here to help our LGBTQ+ community manage their mental health needs. image

Persad is here to help our LGBTQ+ community manage their mental health needs.

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With the holidays just around the corner, I find myself more thankful then ever for your support of Persad Center.The growth and stability that we have achieved this past year has put Persad in an excellent position to move the agency forward as we continue to provide competent, affirming mental health services in a safe space, free of judgment, bias, and discrimination. We are excited by the recent news of the funding approval to move forward the region’s first LGBTQ-friendly, affordable housing community by our friends at Presbyterian SeniorCare Network.

Year to date, we have provided mental health services for over 1,000 clients in over 13,000 therapy sessions either in person at our Lawrenceville and Washington offices or via Telemedicine, regardless of their ability to pay. Our professionally trained therapists are working hard to provide services as quickly as we can to a community that has never been more in need.

Our senior group, who experience social isolation at a high rate, has met over 100 days this year on zoom and in-person. Recently renamed the Persad OWLS (Older, Wiser, Leaders), they also gather once a month for a free lunch hosted by Persad. We continue to work hard to engage the younger members of the LGBTQ+ community. And our transgender and gender non-conforming client base continues to grow and it is now over 50%.

In 2023, we are adding a Nurse Practitioner to the team who will work in conjunction with our Medical Director in assessing, diagnosing, and treating our clients. This allows us to offer full time psychiatric services. This new position will continue to elevate our services even further and improve the quality of life of the individuals that we serve. It also means we will be able to hire 5-6 additional therapists which will allow us to move clients into therapy sooner. This all requires a significant level of commitment and cost, and this is where we need your help. Mental health affects all of us and the urgent need for Persad Center’s mental health services has never been greater.

Will you donate to help Persad Center support this critical growth initiative? With your generosity, together we can ensure these needs will be met.

With gratitude & thanks,

Marty Healey

Chief Executive Officer